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How you strengthen your business’s mission using website development

Website can help more your business’s mission and it also inspired like-minded people all over the world to join you by becoming your customers.As much as your business operates to achieve a social mission,there’s no reason your website’s online purpose can’t generate change.
I’ve learned a lot about how to turn a website into a mission-supporting machine.First of all,you have to identify your purpose like why are you in business and what mission do you serve?
Digital media allow you to connect with people all around the world who identify with your purpose and can help your business grow.You have less than 1.5 seconds in a world of click,scan and move on, to capture your audience’s and give them a reason to stick around.

1. Identify your objectives for online purpose:
Always start with your business goals to determine how you can energetically advance your website in support of your mission.The main objective of website development should not be to look more professional or establish an online presence.Your objective should be S.M.A.R.T-Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Relevant and Time-bound.Try to figure out what you exactly want to achieve and what action indicates achievement.Thats action is your macro conversion.

2. Align site content with micro conversions
Once you’ve identified your main objective ,it’s time to decide how page in your site can function to support the macro conversions by easing the achievement of micro conversions.

3.Get attractive with headlines,body copy and SEO
If you want your website to change the world ,then you have to seek the attention of the audience with heading like “Are you dramatics or super chill?”The one and only function of digital media headlines is to achieve the highest possible click rate.Don’t be afraid to use headlines that drive traffic to your website and speak emotionally to your audience.

4.Embrace a function-focus
Basically,in major cases users will not complete the macro conversions the first time they visit your website.Each piece of marketing copy,whether it’s a landing page,your website ,an email newsletter,a subject line ,body copy or contact form ,performs its own duty just like each member of a team performs a specific function.Focus on each item that falls on the pathway of micro and macro conversions,then let it do its job.Don’t try to speed things by skipping ahead else you'll leave your users behind.You can also use lead scoring and market mechanization software to make sure you’re sending appropriate messages to where the recipient is in the cycle.It can done only when you combine the right messages for the channel with the right messages for the individual that you’ll get people moving along the path to the macro conversion.

5.Use data and analytics to make conversion
How many micro and macro conversions did you achieve last week or month?How might you increase that number?Which of your market channels achieving the highest conversion rates?Do you know the answer of any or all of these questions ? Google-In page Analytics and the other Google Analytics features will answer all of these questions and other issues of online purpose -which is for free.Use the data to make good decisions and get more people moving faster the goal path.
There are variety of behaviour tracking applications like Crazy Egg and many of available at low cost.If you want to look deep into visitor behaviour on your website,it’s definitely worthwhile to investigate your options.

I should encourage you to go through your website and check to see if it’s really helping people take the actions associated with the macro conversions you’re looking for.If it’s not,you’re missing the opportunity to convince people to support your business ,enhance your mission and better the world.

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