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Why selecting a Social Media Marketing strategy is effective?

We’ve came across a lot of questions from the people who are trying to build their brands online via social media platforms. By long,one of the most reappearing question is: ”There are so many social media platforms out there in the market, but which one is the best for my company?” Mastering at these social media platform is easy, or creating fascinating content and a faithful following may be like a walk in the park or it is not. Crap, it is really really difficult. But what we are saying is. Selection is simple but execution is difficult. Social media strategy is simple for selecting which social media platforms to use in order to spread out your brands. But the basic problem is that,no one wants to tell you that because they want your cash first.

First of all,you have to ask yourself,in which social media platform you enjoy the most?Do those.If they have little related to your brand,do them.
The thing is that you are going to put your great amount of time/effort into your content on these platforms.So ,try to stick with one or two of your favourite.
Always remember they are popular and trending upward-if you waste your time with 20 people on it the only thing is you will get out of it is dissatisfaction.
Let's dive deeper into the more accurate path of the selection process. Here is the basic rundown of the 7 social media platforms:
1. Facebook:
It is best for small businesses like they are local and stationary as well as online business. Some of the example are Lifestyle businesses (facebook ads), Cafes, Service companies like carpets cleaners,plumber etc. But Why? Because Facebook is perfect for these type of businesses is the detailed purpose performance you’re able to run with facebook advertisements. You can hand select who can see your ads by geographic region, age, interest, gender etc. In short Facebook is best, if you want to run effective, cheap and campaigns for any business at all. Especially for geo targeted and campaigns. 2. Twitter:
It is best for online businesses,personality based business,any brand wanting a “humorous” tone etc. Some example like: Freelance journalists/writers, Lifestyle entrepreneurs, consultants. Why twitter? May be possible twitter is not where it once was but I disagree with people saying it’s completely lost. When it comes to shareability,virality and real time,it still might be the one out there. When you conduct a real time Q and A, we tweet during a live event or more you should be using during twitter. 3. Instagram:
It is used for visually intensive businesses, and influencers wanting to connect with audience on a more intimate level. Some examples like: Photographers, Travel Bloggers, Dance studios, Fitness businesses, Video editor Why? Instagram is all about photos and videos. You would be better be awesome at creating word art, if you don’t have high quality photography. 4.LinkedIn:
It is best for thought leadership and highly “formal” brands.Some examples like: Marketing companies, Consulting firms, Journalists, Business writers, Digital advertisers It is agreeably the leader in “legitimate” thought leadership. When someone wants to know what is going on in their industry, they’re going to linkedIn Pulse if any social media outlet at all. 5.Pinterest:
It is best for visually appealing brands, lifestyle bloggers/entrepreneurs and blog enhancement. Some examples like: Chefs, Fitness coaches, Travel Bloggers, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Why? Because pinterest is powerful and an “aspirational” network,where user pin content to save it for later. Aspirational platform mean it is a platform where users consume content based on what they want to do, as opposed to what they are doing. This includes the wedding they want to have, the vacation they want to go with their loved ones. Its content is extremely evergreen mean it has extremely long lifecycle when it compared to other social media networks. 6.Snapchat:
Snapchat only works for narrow demographic as it is niche platform. It is a nurture platform as opposed to a growth platform. It means if you already have huge audience and you would like to nurture those relationship on a more intimate level,then spend a lot of time in snapchat and it will worth it. You can easily build slowly over time. You’ve got a leg up on the competition, if snapchat alters their algorithm and adds a new features that are beneficial to you.
It is best for blog supplement and thought leadership. It is still a very young and growing platform and there’s a lot of room for growth as well as time for you to carve out a unique niche. Jessica Semaan has mentioned ,let’s hope it turn into a”youtube for writers”.

There always be the case that social media platform come and go.It can get amazing to keep up with the “Digital craving”. Try to select 2 or 3 social media platforms or even one and just go for it.Give it all your effort and enjoy it too.I swear you will lead if your content is good.And yes great content always rise to the top if you are consistent with it and dedicated in the message.

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