Inquiry Management System

This is the most elegant and efficient solution for your sales team to manage the inquiries. With IMS at your side, you can ensure your business success. We are here to automate your inquiry management system

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All Leads at One Place

Get all the Inquiries from Facebook Lead Campaign, Website, QR Code, Excel and Desk at One Place

Individual Inquiry Manager

Focused on each and every inquiry so that no inquiry can left out. Send SMS or Whatsapp on One Button

Task Assignment

Having a mobile app for your business is an ultimate way of raising loyalty among your potential customers .This is because they can access your services on any platform and at any time

Get Report on Whatsapp

Admin will recieve daily inquiry report directly on Whatsapp at your ease time. No need to login the application

Create your own rules

Its your decision what to do with inquiries whenever they come. Want to send message or allot to somebody. System will take care

Bulk Whatsapp/SMS

No Need to export the data forward to another software for bulk messaging. You can do bulk messaging using the same IMS

QR Code Tools

In order to reduce the stress on councellor desk. Why don't you recieve the inquiries from QR Codes

Daily Follow Ups

No need to enter date in your diaries when you have daily follow up reminder. System will show you the complete list of follow ups

User Management

We understand the privacy is important for the company. So admin can create users and allow them to take care accordingly